Climate Change demonstrated
Climate Change shown
Temperature change is climate change

Climate Change demonstrated with change in Thermometer!

At Energy-Ingenuity where we discuss "unseen things" (N. Tesla).  Some of these things don't have names yet and some do.

Is "Climate Change" demonstrated by a change in the thermometer?  We did not use "Carbon" to cause this change in the Thermometer.  It was not "Wardforce", this is another unseen, which has caused this change in the Thermometer.

Climate change could be defined by duplicating a change in the temperature and demonstrating it with a change in a Thermometer.  Global temperature changes, demonstrate climate change, it has been blamed on Carbon and a host of other things.  The ones that tell you the cause can not demonstrate climate change or a change of any kind with regards to the cause for climate change.  The the only test, that I am aware of, which demonstrates climate change or a change in the temperature can be seen at Energy-Ingenuity.

Who benefits from learning how these reactions are caused?  Climate change may be caused by another "unseen" (N.Tesla) and is demonstrated below in three differnt pictures.  Do you want more information about this cause and effect?  For the Month of November, 2017 with each purchase of a book and with your contact information, I will tell you how and what was used to cause this change.

The real question in the thermometer is what has caused this change.  A Galileo thermometer demonstrates Earth's atmasphere, Gravity, Anti Gravity, etc.  What if ...?