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Energy from Magnets!
Clean energy process!

Energy Producing Magnetic Converter, US patent # 7531930 

Backward (pull) motion is demonstrated when shaft decreases in speed.

Forward (push) motion is demonstrated when shaft increases in speed.

Definition: "Wardforce" - The force that causes (push-pull) forward motion and backward motion part of a magnetic field.   

This method for producing usable mechanical and electrical energy uses two known parts of a magnetic field, Wardforce and Poles. Electro-magnetic force (EMF) is the force I was taught, which resists motion when using current.  EMF is the same as a radio wave, only it is not "transmitted".  I am "mechanically" transmitting the wave (EMF), which is converted into usable torque.  As more current is used, EMF increases, producing torque from this part of the magnetic field.   This is to say, when current is used, torque will be generated from the EMF, as described in U.S. patent #7531930.  By definition, a Magnet has 2 parts, North and South Poles.  By definition, Wardforce also has 2 parts, forward motion and backward motion(EMF).  What else exist, which cannot be seen, touched, or held?  What is Gravity?  EMF was defined from the "Lenz Law".  This is wrong, because with an EPMC, the force (wardforce) generated helps the motion, when current is taken from the coil and in Lenz's Law, it claims that the force generated, always opposes the motion.

No matter how Wardforce can be manipulated, it is a part of the magnetic field!  This other part of the magnetic field is what I have been demonstrating and until now, I have not pushed the point of another part existing.  The main points at the demonstrations were that torque and current can be generated from magnetic fields (Magnets).  Let's educate others regarding this other part of a magnetic field.  I offer physical proof of my claims. Energy from magnets (torque and electricity)!   If anyone was causing these reactions and understand how the reactions are caused, they would also claim another part of the magnetic field exists and can be manipulated.    

No one can cause these reactions, using only what is taught today to exist.  Something else has to exist for these reactions to be caused or the cause of these reactions would be taught and we would not be burning fuel for producing energy.

Take two magnets, place them on a table, nothing happens.  Add motion, there will be one of two reactions, forward or backward motion.  In simple terms, with an Energy Producing Magnetic Converter (US patent #7531930) Wardforce is used for producing torque, while the Poles are used for producing an AC current.

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