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The scientific documents, telling of Lenz’s work is still written ONLY in Royal German!   Check for yourself!  When you see what was used and how his test were conducted.   You will know that his work were not completed test, by todays standards. 

He had no way to control or know what his input was.  He had no way to know what the output was or if it was AC, or DC currents.   The list goes on about things NO ONE could have tested in 1834.   Below is a copy, from a reference book, sent to us from US Army lybrary.  Maybe you can get these documents translated in the English language?

Lenz device

This video is 24.1 MB, it shows what Lenz used and the reactions he saw in 1834. The scientific papers Lenz wrote are in a secret language which forced us to duplicate his test. After duplicating, I would say that he was trying to prove or disprove Galvanism, not anything about an AC or DC current and not anything about motion.

Reference book

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