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Knowledge, free energy, clean energy, green energy and also History, is what this page is about!

By using Wardforce, North and South Poles free energy is within our reach.  This clean energy process is green energy because, no burning or gas is involved!  In every green energy, clean energy, free energy... process, Magnets of some kind are used.  Everything that makes or uses energy has Magnets, rather it be electro-magnets or permanent Magnets.  So, inorder to produce energy, Magnets are used already.  With our process of producing clean energy, different parts of a Magnet are used when generating free energy.  We can generate MILLIONS of new jobs using this technology! It will be a matter of understanding cause and effect, educating the work force, teaching YOUR children, ... JOBS!  TAXES!  SALES!  

History and science tells us that "Laws of Physics" are fact. History also tells us that H. Lenz conducted test, documented them and gave his work to the scienific commuity, for review.  History does not tell us that these "scientific papers" can not be reviewed by you, or anyone else, in a language other than Royal German! 

Education in science, math and history are key parts for us to reach our goal of producing green energy and advancing mankind.  By educating our future work force, regarding Wardforce millions of NEW JOBS will be generated.  Not just in the field of clean energy education, but in other areas as well.  Such as educators, researchers, new processes...  A part of a Magnet that is not a Pole, proven to be isolated from the Poles.  Histoy tells us to learn from our mistakes and move on.  Please donate and help build our childrens future.  

On this site you will see how a Magnet works and how free energy can be produced.  You will also learn some history.  On videos I show how this green energy process uses part of a Magnet to generate clean energy.  Please read at all pages, view all videos and share this knowledge with others.

Free energy!

Clean energy!

Green energy!

 If we don't teach others what we have learned,
what good does it do for the future of our children,
or ... mankind?