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Above:  Left, is a video that tells and demonstrates how Wardforce is isolated from the North and South Poles. 
              Right, video showing what H. Lenz used for his test in 1834 (best guess).  A "Law of Physics" that is not available for review!

These YouTube videos and many other videos are also found on this website.  Some pages need a pass word to view, contact me for login.  
I am working on another video that will help others to understand what I am showing and what is needed for them to isolate Wardforce from the Poles.  Keep checking back for more information regarding free energy and green energy that is clean energy!

Here is a video where I demonstate a different device, showing cause and effect.  When one bulb is on a coil and then another bulb is connected to another coil, you see and hear speed increase.  Take more current and it speeds up!  Keep checking back, more to come.  Please, share this verifiable knowledge that I share with you.  Wardforce is part of a Magnet that is has been isolated from the Poles.

Below is a different angle showing input requirements with different loads and at idle (no load).

Below is a video showing the above device, US patent pending # 61635964, being taken apart.

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