Energy from Magnets Patented
Demonstration from 2009

Wardforce is only one unseen being developed here at Energy-Ingenuity

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Wardforce isolated from the Poles

In simple terms a current could be defined as the Magnetic Field in motion€.   Wardforce is that part of the Magnetic Field, that has been isolated from the Poles, the motion part.  A work foce will be required to understand this relationship between these known parts Magnetic Fields and the Universe around us. 

You, the work force, knows that each part of our body has a currents (Magnetic Fields) in them, heart, liver, lungs, etc.  Do you want our future, YOUR children, to have a better understand of the relationship between Magnetic Fields, Electromagnetism and the Universe around us?   A work force will be required to know that I am using different parts of Magnetic Fields for generating clean energy from Magnets. Yes, green energy, that is free energy and renewable energy. Both, torque (which makes your car move) and an alternating current (or DC, both are electricity), with one device without using reverse polarity (swapping Poles)! We are proving clean energy from Magnets. We all know that green energy is free energy. I show that Lenz did not test for Wardforce and this "Law of Physics" cannot be reviewed in any translated language.

Energy from Magnets, is only one very small benefit, from just this one discovery.   A work force will be exposed to many of my discoveries.  Energy-Ingenuity has for more than a 30 years, worked to ensure  that YOUR students, here in the USA and all over the world, are allowed to learn about Wardforce. When taking the course, you will know how to generate energy from Magnets ("outputs both electrical and mechanical energy").  See how Wardfoce is isolated from the Poles.  Know different ways for causing a change in Amplitude and induction.  Define Gravity and Anti Gravity by duplication.  You will see Space Travel demonstrated here on Earth and more discoveries!